• 09/09/2022
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After the Malevich 2.13.1 software update, it is no longer necessary to have an account to arm and disarm an Ajax alarm system from the app, available for both Android and iOS. With the new Keyboard Access Code feature, unregistered users can manage the arming and disarming through personalized codes.

Through Ajax KeyPad y KeyPad Plus keyboards, a user with no Ajax account can arm and disarm all the security system as well as determined groups. Furthermore, this feature will enable:

– Creating personalized codes for arming and disarming
– Creating coaction codes
– Managing individual permits for each user
– Up to 100 codes depending on the Hub

To create an access code for Ajax keyboards it is only necessary to assign a descriptive name. Furthermore, this feature enables services or management companies to assign codes for their employees remotely, and they can enter multiple Hubs to make the management and activity in different installations easy.
The apps notifications will show the name set for said code, while in Translator and CRA third-party softwares an ID number to identify the user is employed.

The following video shows the features and set up of the codes for unregistered users function: