• 30/04/2022
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Ajax has made perimeter security more secure, accurate and effective with its three outdoor devices MotionPortect Outdoor, MotionCam Outdoor and DualCurtain Outdoor. These three detectors incorporate technology developed to analyse the correlation and spectrum of the signals received and to distinguish between real intrusions and false alarms. In addition, their reliability and accuracy means that the installation of security cameras is not mandatory for perimeter detection compared to competing systems, which require inexpensive, low-quality cameras to perform the difficult task of perimeter detection.


Quick and easy installation

The outdoor devices are quick and easy to install thanks to the SmartBracket, which means that the housing does not need to be removed for proper installation and also prevents sabotage in conjunction with other anti-tampering systems such as anti-masking sensors.

Remote configuration from App

To connect the device to the alarm system just scan the QR of the detector from the app. This QR is usually found on the back of the device by removing the SmartBracket or on the original box of the device. Then the device configuration is done intuitively from the App.

instant sending of alarms

All Ajax devices use Jeweller radio communication technology, achieving a communication range of up to 1700 metres and transmitting alarms within 0.15 seconds.

LISA and ELSA smart filters to put an end to false alarms

To prevent false alarms, the detectors are equipped with an intelligent filter which analyses and compares the signals received, identifying in real time whether it is a real or false alarm. This analysis is carried out thanks to the fact that the detectors are equipped with double PIR so that the signals received can be compared and false alarms can be avoided

This LISA algorithm performs two different analyses:

Correlation analysis, which compares the signal shapes of both sensors and if they are similar triggers the alarm.

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Spectral analysis, which acts when the correlation analysis does not identify too many similarities and then compares the frequency components of the signals received by the two sensors.

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On the other hand, the ELSA algorithm performs three different analyses:

  • Shape analysis, the waveforms of the PIR sensor signals should correspond to the way an intruder crosses the protected area, by readjusting the signal strengths to take into account the distance of the sensors and the dimensions of the object.
  • Pattern matching, the signal amplitude is verified when it matches typical human patterns.
  • Time verification, the signals from both PIR sensors match the above conditions, ELSA compares the time intervals when the signals are received to determine if the upper and lower sensors detected the motion at the same time.
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The ELSA algorithm takes less than a second to conclude whether it is a threat or a false alarm.

The three outdoor detectors and their key features are presented below:

MotionProtect Outdoor

The MotionProtect Outdoor is a dual PIR motion detector with a configurable detection range of 3 to 15 metres. In addition, it features the LISA algorithm that analyses all incoming signals to distinguish between real and false alarms.

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MotionCam Outdoor

The MotionCam Outdoor is an outdoor motion detector with photo verification and a configurable detection range of 3 to 15 metres. It can verify each alarm received by photo verification with night vision and with photo series of up to 5 photos. It also analyses each signal with the LISA algorithm giving greater reliability and accuracy.

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An outdoor camera faces difficult lighting conditions, which is why the camera lens of the MotionCam Outdooor has built-in HDR and IR feedback for improved image quality and safety.

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The following video shows how the Ajax MotionCam Outdoor detector works.

DualCurtain Outdoor

The DualCurtain Outdoor is a dual curtain outdoor detector with a detection range of 4 to 15 metres on each side and can protect up to a perimeter of 30 metres. The sensors on each side allow independent configuration and have an exclusive close detection technology that protects the areas closest to the detector. In addition, it has an integrated ELSA algorithm that analyses all the signals received to avoid false alarms.

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