• 23/05/2019
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Ajax security system notifications play a key role in instantly alerting the user of any incident in their home or office. Some smartphone manufacturers limit these notifications in order to save more battery power. However, we cannot allow them when the security of our home is at risk.

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In order to don’t miss out any notifications from our Smartphone Android 8.0 or higher version please see below the following steps:

  1. Clear the data and cache in the App
  2. Uninstall the App
  3. Install the App
  4. Configuration of notifications: Settings > Apps > Ajax:
  • a. App notifications
notificaciones aplicacion ajax
  • b. Alarm Channel (Make sure all options are enabled)
notificaciones alarma ajax
  • c. Main Channel (Make sure all options are enabled)
notificaciones aplicacion ajax
  • 5. Power save mode: Confirm that the App is out of any type of battery saving mode
notificaciones alarma ajax