Safire Night Colour

One of the most complex video surveillance tasks is to be able to get good pictures in both low light situations as well as situations with sufficient light. Currently there are not many solutions that can solve this type of situation, but here at Be Sure Alarms however we have a solution. At Be Sure […]

Ajax PSI Test Review

«Smartphone setup, management and monitoring along with extended battery life mean that the system is easy to install and use» Ajax Systems got 9.5 out of 10 on the psimagazine Product Test carried out by an independent test laboratory. At Be Sure Alarms, we look to innovate and install the best security products on the […]

Ajax Curtain Sensor

A security system must detect threats as early as possible — that is a fundamental rule of security. If you have an outdoor area around your house, outdoor detectors should be installed there. In order to detect an intruder even before a door is opened or a window is broken, it needs to trigger the […]

Ajax Security System notifications

Ajax security system notifications play a key role in instantly alerting the user of any incident in their home or office. Some smartphone manufacturers limit these notifications in order to save more battery power. However, we cannot allow them when the security of our home is at risk. In order to don’t miss out any […]

Clocking-in in Spain

Starting earlier this month, every company in Spain has the obligation to keep track of when its workers sign in and out of work. The aim is to clamp down on unpaid overtime, which could account for as many as 2.6 million work hours a week according to the latest workforce survey. The peak was reached […]