• 01/07/2019
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One of the most complex video surveillance tasks is to be able to get good pictures in both low light situations as well as situations with sufficient light. Currently there are not many solutions that can solve this type of situation, but here at Be Sure Alarms however we have a solution.

At Be Sure Alarms we have cameras incorporating Safire’s Night Colour technology, providing an efficient solution to surveillance situations where the lighting is a problem, guaranteeing and improving security as much as possible. These Night Colour cameras can show and record images in vivid colours in situations with low light. Our range of Safire cameras have evolved, presenting new technologies with better features and many innovative functions based on technologies that are designed exclusively for video surveillance.

Our Safire Night Colour cameras have two very specific technological hardware advances, so they can capture images in low light conditions and display them with as much detail as possible. One of them is the advanced lens with an aperture capacity of up to F1.0 allowing more light to enter the lens which gives more brightness in the images. It is a lens that is very different from conventional lenses.

The lenses of Safire’s Night Colour cameras consist of an anti-reflective wideband coating and an extra low dispersion optical glass that facilitate the reproduction of the image in a sharp manner and with the appropriate colour saturation. Also, due to their filter to reduce flashes they are able to regenerate the essential information of the part of image that has been obstructed by a flash.

The other important parameter that Night Colour cameras have is the high performance sensor. Due to their high-performance sensors, Night Colour cameras are suited for monitoring areas with very low illumination and where high-resolution colour images are required. This advanced sensor technology presents an optimal light capture. With an illumination sensitivity of 0.001 lux with an aperture of F1.0, the Night Colour cameras deliver a crisp image with appropriate colour saturation despite unfavourable lighting conditions.

Safire’s Night Colour cameras also have a white light integrated, so they can ensure a colour image even when there is no light at all. This type of light provides a soft, warm and adjustable illumination to avoid reflection from the illuminated object.

For complex installations, it is important to differentiate Night Colour technology from Safire’s Ultra Low Light technology. The Safire Ultra Low Light cameras are suitable for use in situations where conventional infrared illumination is insufficient and more detail is needed but without the need to obtain a colour image for analysis. On the other hand Safire’s Night Colour technology is intended for situations where a colour image is required or needs to be obtained, e.g. for video analytics.