Rejagard Grill Alarms


You might have seen the grill alarms on peoples windows all over the Costa Blanca and wondered what they are.

The Rejagard Grill Alarms are units that fix to your grills on either a window or a door. They protect your home from intruders before they get in.


Grill Alarm
A picture of our RejaGard Grill Alarm fitted to a window grill.


Each unit has an individual sounder that detects movement to any part of the grill, and will be ready for any movement picked up. The door units have a switch to turn them on and off so they don’t sound every time you open them.

The Grill Alarms are a good addition to your security if you already have an alarm system and looking for more protection. They are also good if you want to stop people before they get in. They are also a great visible deterrent.

Keep intruders on the outside of the property with this unique device which turns your existing security grills into a 24/7 alarm system around the entire house whilst allowing you, your family and pets to move freely inside.

The Rejagard Grill Alarms are securely attached to grills with tamper proof fixings.

Different Rejagard Grill Alarms

There are 2 models available;

Standard Model: Used for fixed grills. They are armed and permanently active.

Switched Model: Used for moving grills, doors or shutters. They have a switch, so they can be turned on and off for access.

Both types of unit will detect movement and vibration when a burglar is attempting to remove, saw or jack off the grills. When triggered by an attack, the grill alarms will let off a piercing sound for approximately one minute. Then they stop and reset, providing there is no more movement.

Other than an annual battery change by the owners, the Rejagard Grill Alarm requires no maintenance or service charge.

Available exclusively on the Costa Blanca South from us at Be Sure Alarms.